Could you create this photo in your mind?

Go have a look at this photo by Rebecca Norris Webb.

It was chosen as the cover of their book about Cuba, Violet Isle. This is a photographic gift that comes from spending time with your subject. From walking and wondering for miles. From being committed.

The light brushes across the feathers. The color of the bird wing is just beautiful and captivating. But then look at the background and how the green pattern is repeated in the bird’s wing. The colors are complimentary; even the shirt the guy is wearing works well in the photograph. It would not be the same if he had worn a red shirt that day.

For years I created photographs in a studio setting and they were never very satisfying to me. My heart is out there, in the world. Her husband, photographer Alex Webb had this to say in another post on their blog. “I try to work with whatever the world gives me.”

In this example, the world gave them a gem.