From a collector’s thoughts on photo books

Of course, there are the 5% of the books that are so meticulously conceived that the photographs, essays, design, paper, slipcover, etc have all been carefully orchestrated together into a real art object, a collaborative effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is truly sublime and wonderful when this occurs, and the impact of the photographs is meaningfully enhanced. No matter what happens in the electronic world in the future, there will always be room for this kind of creative effort (with a small but enthusiastic audience of potential buyers ready and waiting).

From the DLK Collection blog.

What photo books would you consider in that 5% category?

I recently purchased Larry Towell’s “The World From My Front Porch” and I would consider it in this category. It is a lovely book to hold, browse and read.

Here’s a review by Daniel Milnor of Smogranch.

The World From My Front Porch