Links for Tuesday 11/17/09 – Patching Drupal core and more

James Pomerantz is blogging his days in photo MFA Land. Here’s a recommended photography related reading list from his program

Image Journal – faith and art. I just subscribed to their feed and am looking into picking up a subscription to their quarterly journal. They have also just released Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image.

I noticed my feeds stopped updating after I installed the Drupal update. After a bit of searching I read that I needed to patch the core files because of an issue with updating and cron. So in hope of remembering how to insall a patch to the core the next time I have to do this I am writing the command down. I downloaded the patch with wget into the main directory. I then ran patch -p0 < filename.patch. It sucessfully updated the errant code and all is now well. This issue was related to the FeedAPI module and cron not updating my feeds.